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Marketing Services - Driving Traffic and Growth to your E-Commerce Website

ROI Commerce's Marketing Services team develops and executes online and offline marketing plans that re-enforces the client partner's brand, drives quality web and physical store traffic and overall growth and revenue to the client partner's e-commerce and brick and mortar business.

Online Marketing
The Marketing team implements online marketing strategies that utilize ROI Commerce Technology and expertise to manage online media campaigns and programs across multi-channels for its client partners. This coordination of online marketing strategies is integrated into other marketing channels to ensure a seamless shopping experience for the customer.

Search Engine Optimization
Being first does matter. Search Engines have become an extremely popular way to locate products and brands. ROI Commerce's marketing team ensures that client partners achieve a high ranking on the most popular search engines by incorporating proven search engine optimization techniques for natural/organic search. ROI Commerce will also manage paid inclusion media into a client partners overall search engine marketing strategy to deliver marketing performance and demand for their products and brand.

Search Engine and Portal Marketing
Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN,, and others are gateways for shoppers to find products and services of interest. ROI Commerce leverages it existing expertise and relationships to secure cost effective media placements for their client partners brand and products on major search engines and portals. ROI Commerce integrates paid media inclusion and placement with natural/search engine optimization campaigns to gain maximum search engine marketing ROI for our client partners.

Comparison Shopping Engines
Comparison Shopping Engines are online shopping websites that gather various price and product information from numerous e-commerce stores and websites. ROI Commerce has developed proprietary techniques to radically improve our client partner's ability to distribute product content to shopping engines generating more visibility and awareness for their products.

Affiliate Marketing and Programs
Affiliate Marketing is a revenue sharing venture between a website owner and an online merchant. The website owner will place advertisements on his websites to either help sell the merchant's products or to send potential customers to the merchant's website, all in exchange for a share of the profits. Affiliate marketing has become a critical component for online customer acquisition while maintaining brand integrity. ROI Commerce implements and manages affiliate marketing programs for it client partners to cost effectively increase growth in customers and revenue.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
ROI Commerce will utilize ROI Commerce Technology tools and expertise to improve customer loyalty and value by establishing in-depth relationships with a client partner's customers. ROI Commerce will implement and execute campaigns across multiple channels and marketing mediums to help our client partners better understand their customers and build long-lasting loyalty and relationships. This could include CRM database management, e-commerce analytics and offline and online campaign management.

Email Marketing
ROI Commerce develops and delivers fully integrated and targeted email marketing campaigns. ROI Commerce will work with client partner's databases to put their subscriber data into action. ROI Commerce will provide consultation on critical aspects of e-mail marketing such as name capture, e-mail design, branding, list cleanliness, industry trends and deliverability reporting. ROI Commerce's e-mail marketing tools will incorporate the following features:

  • Advanced Segmentation and Dynamic Content
  • E-Mail Deliverability Reporting (Messages sent, delivered, opened, bounced back, opted out, click throughs, etc.)      
  • Triggered and Transactional Messaging      
  • Conversion Tracking and Web Analytics Integration      
  • Dynamic Merchandising and Product Management      
  • Automated Reply Mail Management      
  • Industry-leading Content Syndication & Scripting Capabilities      
  • E-Mail Integration to CRM and Content Management Systems  

ROI Commerce will utilize its tools and expertise to ensure each client partner's mission critical e-mail campaigns generate a significant ROI.

Event-Triggered Marketing
Event-triggered marketing and messaging is an excellent strategy to build customer loyalty. ROI Commerce will utilize all mediums such as e-mail, web store, direct mail and customer care to effectively deliver event-triggered marketing campaigns. Event-triggered campaigns could be triggered for customer birthdays, specials on previously purchased products, new registration and inquires, cart abandonment, purchase and service incidents. Example- Automated and personalized emails on cart abandonment.

Offline Marketing
Offline marketing helps drive awareness and exposure to our client partner's e-commerce and brick and mortar stores. The ROI Commerce Marketing team implements and manages offline marketing tactics and campaigns that are integrated to online marketing campaigns. ROI Commerce ensures that both offline and online marketing tactics and campaigns are tied directly to the companies overall marketing objectives for their e-commerce and brick and mortar business.

Direct Mail Marketing
ROI Commerce manages multi-channel direct mail campaigns to drive targeted customer traffic to both the e-commerce and brick and mortar business. ROI Commerce oversees entire direct mail campaigns which include acquiring and developing target lists, market segmentation, graphic design, physical mailings, CRM database integration and reporting and analytics.

Media Placements and Advertisements
ROI Commerce's Marketing team works with client partners on both their offline and online media and advertising placements that effectively reach their target market customers. ROI Commerce also helps to promote our client partners products and brands through printed newsletters, newspapers, and other media outlets.

Offline to Online CRM Data Integration
ROI Commerce works with client partners to integrate offline and online data to ensure marketing efficiency and long-term relationship development. Some offline CRM databases management includes integration of offline data, aligning marketing with customer behavior and preferences, and a multiple of other CRM tactics to maintain crucial customer data.

Other Marketing Services and Support
ROI Commerce will continually devise and execute new marketing strategies and tactics as well as support marketing events and activities that will drive growth and revenue to the client partners' e-commerce business.