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E-Commerce IT Infrastructure - Operate a Customized and Scalable E-Commerce Business on Day-One

ROI Commerce provides its client partners with the e-commerce IT infrastructure needed to operate a customized and scalable e-commerce business on day-one. ROI Commerce has invested a significant amount of resources and money to build a robust infrastructure so that our client partners can gain all the benefits of an end-to-end e-commerce solution.

Launching an e-commerce business with ROI Commerce requires no software installation, no expensive hardware and software investments or IT support from your staff. ROI Commerce eliminates expensive integration costs and potential errors by providing already market tested applications used in other client partner integrations. ROI Commerce can integrate your e-commerce store to back office systems, fulfillment partners, logistics providers, ERP, CRM and supply chain applications, vendor databases, and other IT systems to ensure your company has an automated, efficient, and effective supply chain.

ROI Commerce delivers a turnkey e-commerce IT infrastructure that eliminates costs and risks.

  • No software, hardware or IT investments. By leveraging our existing e-commerce IT infrastructure, ROI Commerce can provide a powerful infrastructure to our client partners without any investments in hardware, software or other IT systems.
  • Integration to supply chain. Client partners can utilize already tested integration applications to seamlessly integrate their supply chain generating more profits for both the e-commerce store and core business.
  • Hardware and software support. ROI Commerce monitors all applications, hardware and software to deliver high availability rates ensuring that your e-commerce store is always online generating revenue.
  • Scalable IT infrastructure. ROI Commerce has invested heavily in its own infrastructure so that our client partners can gain all the benefits of an end-to-end e-commerce solution and eliminate the need to create an e-commerce IT infrastructure in-house.
  • Data security. ROI Commerce's hosting facility uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our client partners' data is highly secure.

ROI Commerce's partnership-centric approach shares both the risk and rewards of success with our client partners. Because our fees are based on the sales volume of your e-commerce business, it is in our best interest to make every transaction more profitable.