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E-Commerce Operations - End-to-End Offering

Fulfillment and Logistics
ROI Commerce Fulfillment and Logistics Services provide its client partners both the tools and expertise to dramatically reduce supply chain/fulfillment costs while ensuring on-time fulfillment and delivery of merchandise to our client partner's customers. ROI Commerce has created drop-ship management tools to makes sure our client partners customers get the products they ordered. ROI Commerce's E-Commerce Technology has built-in fulfillment management which includes ordering management, inventory and fulfillment/shipping management, and direct integration to the mostly widely used shipping and logistics providers in the country. All ordering information is provided in real time online which includes order confirmation and status, shipping, inventory, pricing changes, cancellations, returns and many other critical functions to enhance our client partner's e-commerce operations. Also, fulfillment and logistics information can be supplied in any automated format including XML, fax, email, and direct integration to back-office, CRM, ERP, IT systems and other applications.

ROI Commerce leverages its subject-matter expertise and relationships to extend our client partners product offerings via virtual inventory through an extensive drop-ship network that will directly ship to customers. This allows our client partners to operate with a wider selection of inventory, greatest supply chain and inventory efficiency and increased volume without a significant increase in costs.

ROI Commerce also devises and executes fulfillment and logistics strategies utilizing proven concepts to drive costs out of the supply chain, reduce client partners' implementation efforts, shorten time required to add products, integrate logistics processes across other critical components of the business, monitor inventory availability and shipping performance to successfully execute on-time fulfillment.

ROI Commerce's Fulfillment and Logistics Services allows our client partners to:    

  • Provide a quality shopping experience to the customer    
  • Drive increased volume and growth with proven e-commerce fulfillment and logistics strategies and concepts
  • Support high transaction volume with a scalable infrastructure
  • Process orders with efficiency and in real time
  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Integrate to logistics providers and fulfillment centers
  • Integrate to back-office, CRM, ERP and other IT systems  
  • Have customer ordering Information available 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Reduce fraud, theft, and security issues with a highly secure environment
  • Serve customers around the world  


Customer Service
As part of the end-end e-commerce offering, ROI Commerce provides a full customer service solution to our client partners that is tightly integrated into the client partners business allowing our client partners more customer service resources than ever before. Customer Service is also integrated into ROI Commerce Technology, Fulfillment and Logistics Services and E-Commerce IT Infrastructure to create automation and efficiencies throughout the shopping experience. ROI Commerce's customer service offering includes both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and personalized customer care to drive revenue, increase loyalty and deepen customer relationships.

ROI Commerce's suite of CRM tools is integrated within ROI Commerce Technology to assist customer service personnel throughout the e-commerce ordering process from order management to fulfillment and logistics. CRM tools are also integrated into the client partner's core business to empower customer service personnel to access any pertinent customer information, product and service data, and other important information to deliver high-value service to the customer and revenue growth to our client partner's e-commerce business.

ROI Commerce provides personalized customer care to our client partner's e-commerce business ensuring that we are addressing customer needs and delivering superior customer satisfaction. Customer service personnel are trained extensively in our suite of CRM tools to rapidly access customer data, answer order-related questions and resolving issues for our client partner's e-commerce customers. Also, customer service personnel are trained to have a deep understanding of our client partner's business, products, services and industry to successful serve as an extension of our client partners business without the fixed customer service staffing costs.