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Design Services- Creating an Online Shopping Experience that Maximizes Repeat Purchases

ROI Commerce's Design team collaborates extensively with client partners to create an online shopping experience that reinforces and maximizes their brand, attracts and engages customers, and maximizes repeat purchases on their cllent partners' e-commerce website. ROI Commerce will build on its 14 years of experience and the implementation of over 100 e-commerce stores that have generated millions of dollars. ROI will design an e-commerce store with a wide variety of high-value features and functions as well as a creative design that adheres to the latest best practices and concepts within both the website design and the specific client partners industry.

ROI Commerce's approach to website design and development begins with an analysis of our client partners' customers' behavior and motivations as well as new marketing technologies. We define customer segments, intentions, goals and objectives and merge this information with business requirements to create a strategy that impacts both. This approach enables ROI Commerce to provide relevant content and a rewarding interactive experience - qualities that help capture and hold a customer's attention.

Our design team can provide consultation on an existing design or execute a new design that will incorporate the latest best practices. ROI Commerce's design team will focus on building the user interface, which includes the overall look and feel, brand design, layout of creative content, page flow, and navigational aspects of the e-commerce website. Design Services will help finalize the overall brand identity and collaborate with client partners to conceptualize and deliver design briefs, prototypes, story boards, wire frames, user personas and scenarios, style guides, and mood boards throughout the design process before launching or re-launching a client partner's e-commerce store.

ROI Commerce has a very experienced marketing and copywriting staff that can help client partners develop content for their website and e-commerce store. The final content could include company background, product information, product specifications, content-rich descriptions, how-to guides, comparison shopping tools and other high-value content important to the end-user customer.

ROI Commerce Design team incorporates the latest best practices and concepts in the industry to design an effective e-commerce store that delivers customer loyalty, value and revenue for our client partners. We go above and beyond just designing a "good looking website".