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Strategic HTM E-Commerce Partnership Program

As Woody Allen said "80% of life is about showing up".

ROI Commerce's High Touch Marketing (HTM) E-Commerce Partnership Program helps our partners consistently "show up", touch and generate awareness about their company with our clients, prospects, network, vendors and other partners.

HTM is a continuum of actions across marketing and sales with the common objective of building trusting and in-depth relationships that are more actionable for the business. Marketing is firmly placed in support of sales to deliver targeted and effective marketing and sales campaigns, significant client conversion ratios and ultimately long-term valuable client partners. Creating a consistent, high touch and collaborative approach helps ROI Commerce and their partners cost effectively market and sell their solutions as well as deliver a significant ROI to a client partner's e-commerce solution.

ROI Commerce's High Tough Marketing (HTM) E-Commerce Partnership program revolves around:

  • The development of powerful relationships as the key to revenue, growth, and value.
  • Joint HTM marketing strategies that leverage each others strengths and solutions in the e-commerce marketplace.
  • Joint HTM events that provide thought leadership within the e-commerce industry and/or a specific vertical.
  • Joint training and knowledge transfer sessions to improve subject matter expertise for each partner's solutions.
  • Collaborating on developing and delivering educational content including articles, white papers, press releases, and other important industry information.
  • Target and go-to-market strategies incorporating best practice research to leverage resources and relationships in jointly marketing each others solutions to a specific industry and/or vertical.
  • Specific HTM outreach actions enabling partners to build quality and high-value relationships that will lead to ideal and profitable client partners and successful e-commerce solutions.
  • Other key HTM initiatives that will deliver value to the e-commerce partner relationship.