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Company Story - Leveraging E-Commerce as a Sales and Marketing Channel

I have been involved in the e-commerce and website development business since 1996 when I founded my first website development company Access Link Communications, which was later called ROI Supply and then sold to in 2004. I then subsequently joined for one year after the acquisition to operate their Midwest office. While managing operations at both my own company and, I observed the following:  

From competitive e-commerce and website developers:    

  • Fee for service website development firms charge clients an enormous amount of initial and ongoing fees to build e-commerce solutions without the conviction and passion needed to create a highly profitable e-commerce business.      
  • Website design firms often focus exclusively on designing a "good looking   website" for their clients instead of an online commerce-driven business that delivers revenue and results.      
  • E-commerce software firms tend to focus on providing the necessary software to aid their clients in conducting e-commerce. As I talked to many small and middle size businesses about their e-commerce efforts, I found that many of them needed much more than software to run their e-commerce operations and that software was only one component of building a successful e-commerce business. Marketing, fulfillment and logistics, customer service and IT infrastructure were other critical components of a successful e-commerce business.    
  • Very few website development or software companies were willing to align their fees with the success of their client's e-commerce websites.  
  • Very few website developers go beyond the technology of the e-commerce website. Often it is other areas like poor marketing or customer service that are the reasons why a client's e-commerce site is not generating satisfactory revenue or results.   

From competitive e-commerce and website developers:    

  • Established companies with proven brands often struggled to realize a return on investment from the web and e-commerce.      
  • Lack of and/or limited finances and internal resources to truly build a successful e-commerce business.
  • The risks associated with making the investment, combined with the uncertainty of the return caused entrepreneurs and leaders of companies not to make the needed investments to build and/or expand their online presence and business.    
  • Lack of expertise and "know how" of building a successful e-commerce business.
  • The significant increase of globalization, offshore manufacturing, and outsourcing were forcing companies to discover new cost-effective strategies to market and sell their products and services in order to survive the competitive marketplace.  

When I reviewed the competitive landscape, the market and most importantly when I began to look deeply inside myself to discover my strengths and passion, I decided that I needed to start another e-commerce company that was going to truly fill a significant void in the marketplace, leverage my strengths, and drive my passion. The foundation of this new company would be built on its ability to:

  • Deliver superior returns to small and middle market (brick and mortar) companies that are missing opportunities by not leveraging e-commerce as a sales and marketing channel.    
  • Build high-value, results focused, and profitable e-commerce businesses by providing an outsourced, end-to-end and partnership-centric approach.
  • Build great e-commerce ventures and companies.  
  • Create new enterprises and help existing entrepreneurs grow. I'm a firm believer of entrepreneurs being the key to economic growth.   

Are you sold on the business model? I sure am and would love to hear from you. If you would like to talk about how we may be able to partner together, please call me anytime at 216-990-3298 216-990-3298 or e-mail


Fred Elabed

President and CEO